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MEMORIES AND PHOTOGRAPHS go together like kids and laughter. I look forward to capturing the smiles, the curiosity, even the petulance of children every day. With patience and a relaxed atmosphere I am able to capture even the most active child.

Mary J Lanaghan
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MJLStudios Distinctive Portraiture - is all about YOU. It's your life. They're your memories. Capture them for a LIFETIME with MJLStudios.

Just about every professional photographer will tell you how much they have always loved photography. Well they say that because it's true. I am drawn to lighting and texture and color and telling a story in one photo. Those images last a lifetime and bring back memories that otherwise just fade away.

My name is Mary Lanaghan. My goal is to provide artisitic portraits for your home that capture you, your children, your family. You might be celebrating a new baby or your pre-teen's First Communion. Or perhaps you are a senior in high school and want to have that Once-in-a-Lifetime Senior Portrait Session that is ALL about you. There are many, many special times to capture with a professional portrait.

I have a teenage daughter. Like all parents I see how quickly the years go by. Those preschool memories are fading away. I am very thankful for the photos we have to remind us of who she was at various ages in her life. This year we took the camera to Red Rock Park and had a High School Senior Photo Session.  

Even photographers have to make a point of getting out for an official photo session. All year Maggie and I talked about her photo session and where and when to go. We finally got out there. How about you?

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