Welcome to my world.  Photography is very important in my life.  It's right up there with my daughter and my family and friends. When I adopted Maggie I determined that, as a single mom, I very much wanted to be available for her, attending her hockey games, and volunteering at her school.   I decided to turn my love of photography into my career to give me some flexibility in my business life.

When I first opened for business I wondered why people would want to hire a professional photographer considering the prevalence of digital cameras and amazing software.   Over time I realized there are many reasons to celebrate children's lives with professional photographs.

There's the photographer's eye.  Many people have that eye for composition.  But with any art or talent, practice, practice and more practice takes the basic talent to the higher level of art.

As a parent I know there are additional challenges photographing your own children.  Your children have other plans for you, their parents.  They want parents to nurture, supply food, drink, hold hands, play games, protect them, and fix their scrapes.  Taking photographic portraits of children requires patience and freedom to focus on the main subject, lighting, and background distractions.

Then, once the images have been captured, they must be "developed".  Digital photography has opened a whole new responsibility to the photographer.  Electronics are wonderful.  But, they are not seemless.  A digital photo in camera can look very different on each of 10 different computer systems.  Then, it can look different again when printed at various labs or using one of the many printer options available to the consumer.  Knowledge of the digital darkroom is as important as having the photographer's eye for composition. 

A wall portrait of your kids or your entire family is timeless.   My goal is to provide timeless portraits to families all over Loudoun County.