I have been taking LOTS of candid photos during the Meets and other Stingray events.  The individual images are available on-line for you to browse through.

I have dedicated one of my websites to feature the Stingrays this season.  See the link at the bottom of this page.

The images are set up in groups based on events.  Please be patient as there are hundreds of photos.  If there is an image you'd like in print, I'm offering prints at my lab cost of $3 for either a 4x6 or a 5x7.  In order to avoid shipping fees, I will deliver prints to the folders at practice up to Divisionals.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


Slideshow DVDs will be available again this season.  It will be a two disk set again this year.  The images will include photos from Swim Meets, Practice, Pep Rallies, and other special events. 

The TWO DVD set is a total of only $8, part of which goes back to the team.

I plan on distributing the DVDs at the end-of-season party.

MJLStudios is producing a photo yearbook again this year.  It is a great memory of the season.  It is being offered to you at cost plus a small donation to the team.  The yearbook features about 150 to 200 images from all of the team's activities.  The 20 or so pages in the book are each custom designed by me for the team.   

I will display some of the pages by mid July as a preview for this year's book.

Book Option One:  6"x8" photo book in paperback cover. 
    $22  (add $3 if you want me to mail it to you instead of picking it up in Hamilton.)

Book Option Two:   8:x11" photo book with a hardcover.
    $46  (add $5 if you want me to mail it to you instead of picking it up in Hamilton.)

(These prices cover the cost of the printing, shipping from the printer to Hamilton and $2 to the team.  Images and page design are donated by MJLStudios.)

I plan on ordering the books on August 1, 2010.   They will should available by the end of August.