Photographs I love the best capture the heart. 


Every session is dictated by the child(ren)'s age and personality.  Some kids are able or even prefer to pose and enjoy that photography be the focus of their outing.  Others are more active and would rather explore than pose.  Whatever the personality, I go with the flow.  I'm happy to direct a few poses or scenes to get the show going.  I'm happy to let the kids or family share their thoughts on how to "set up" some shots.  And, other times (expecially with the younger, yet mobile kids) I'll follow their explorations and capture them in action.  This means some sessions will have more photos where the kids are smiling or reacting for the camera and other sessions will have more involved expressions.  But, if I start getting "cheesy" expressions, we'll change gears, move our position and maybe even focus on more sedate expressions.

You're familiar with the traditional family portrait with everyone lined up symetrically and smiling at the camera (except for Johnny whos shirt is scratchy and he can't stay still).  I do those portraits - sometimes !  There's a place for that type of portrait in everyone's family.   However, mainly, I like to capture the family in action perhaps walking hand in hand, or in a more relaxed grouping such as sitting on a blanket in the park, picnic style.  Typically, we'll do a couple of the somewhat traditional groupings as well as a couple of groupings in the more relaxed setup giving you a choice for your wall portraits.