Loudoun County Virginia has a plethora of scenic venues.  It could be a local park, your farm, your garden, or an historic venue.  It should be within 15 miles of Hamilton.  Anything beyond that will require a travel fee.  The location must be either public property such as a county park, or we must obtain permission from the owner of the property.  For instance, Morven Park is an historic property open to the public.  But, it is not a publicly owned property.  Therefore, we must pay a fee and obtain permission to use their beautifully landscaped gardens.  Red Rock Park is a County owned and maintained park and is open to the public.  We can use the interesting stone walls and fields there anytime between dawn to dusk for no fee or special permission. 


RED ROCK PARK in Leesburg, VA

Aldie Mill Park in Aldie, VA

Morven Park Mansion in Leesburg, VA