We got them!  Thank you so much.  I am loving that print of the family walking into the woods.  The colors are really cool.  ........Very happy with the pics... so thank you so much!!!  :)  Tina             

I am putting an order together.  I love them all.  I will order enough to keep the CD.  Hope you are well!  I'll be done by the end of the week.     Christine

The photos are beautiful - we can't wait to see the prints!!  Thanks, they look amazing!        Renee

We love them, Mary! Thank you!          Libby

Hi  Mary,  Wow!!  They look great!           Terry

We love the photos that you took of Jocie and we're very excited to have such wonderful keepsakes....so, thank you very much for your efforts!       Kay

I'm very pleased with the canvas and want you to know how much I appreciate your guidance.      TC

OMG!!!  Those pictures are awesome!!!!  I love so many of them... here we go again!      Liz

I definitely love it!  Thanks so much!         Ellen

Mary, you are great.  The bonus small books will be great for the kids.         Peg

Hey Mary:  We love all the pictures and would like to have all of them if we could!       Jan

Hi mary,  We're out of town, but I was able to look at the wedding photos.  They're wonderful!  Thanks so much.